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StreamLine IOT - Ultimate flexibility

StreamLine IOT (Internet Of Things) is the most advanced solution, consisting of a SAAS software and a range of electronic devices for sensoring and communicating. StreamLine IOT offers flexibility to offer process optimization. 

With each object (thing), connnectivity is established to create greater value and improving service as a whole. 

StreamLine IOT connects with many different protocols:

StreameLine IOT supports a great number of devices:
I2C / 1-Wire
StreamLine IOT offers the ultimate process optimization and with its changeable communication (automatically switch between LORA, GPRS, WIFI, Bluetooth), StreamLine IOT provides a robust solution, which provide worldwide reliable data connections.

StreamLine IOT is a 100% OEM solution, for large operators, for enterprises, small business and with IOT up to consumer level.

StreamLine IOT is the ultimate solution for the flexibility needed in today’s complex world.
No matter where StreamLine will be used, it will perform it's functions every time, every day, every month, every year.

Dreaming of a solution? Can your problem be solved with StreamLine IOT? Just send us an email with the requirements!

Ultra Low Power - Up to 20 years operation on 1 D-cell size battery

Looking for the ultimate in low power consumption? StreamLine power consumption is only 3uA. The StreamLine IOT solutions can operate for up to 20 years.... and that on only one D-cell size battery.

StreamLine, your long term business partner

We have been developing and supplying reliable solutions for over 18 years.
We will be here for you today, tomorrow and in all the years that you will be using our products. Our goal is long term business with focus on delivering solutions which go beyond your expectations.

100% Quality focus.
100% European production and development.
100% Enabling your business to optimize process and control.

Information gets more and more important. As your partner, we have strategically decided for ISO27001 certification. The objective of the ISO27001 is to "provide requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving our Information Security Management System (ISMS)".

Use it everywhere

StreamLine can be integrated in virtually any process, eg. street light control, monitoring oil drilling stations, monitoring traffic, personal tracking, vehicle tracking, tracking/tracing ships and or cargo, security operations, monitoring wind turbines, container status, temperature monitoring, alarm sytems, video control, etc. StreamLine offers internet accessable connections (e-sensoring) , allowing free data communication to your devices.